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The team behind Trailnetizen RV and travel trailer review website.
The Trailnetizen team

Our mission is to provide science-based and evidence-based reviews of products for recreational vehicles.

When we started traveling across the country in our travel trailer several years ago, we had lots of questions. When we researched products for our travel trailer our trips, we would find reviews of products where the reviewer had not tested (or sometimes even used!) the product being reviewed.

In 2018, we decided to start recording our experiences in a more science-based approach as we started traveling across the country in our travel trailer.

As we gained experience using key products and talking to other RVers, we wrote down our notes, and started TrailNetizen to share our lessons and findings with other travelers who might have similar questions.

Trail – Netizen?

The name TrailNetizen is a portmanteau (blending of words) of Trail and Netizen – a citizen of the Internet. It represents our vision to follow our own trail, but also contribute back to the broader community by using technology.

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About Us

Our family lives on the Central Coast of California, and pull a Lance 2185 travel trailer with a Ford Expedition XLT. We started our RV traveling a couple years ago with a Forest River R-Pod 179 and a Toyota Highlander. As our experience grew, we upgraded to a larger travel trailer to increase our experience and ability to provide reviews. That’s our family in the photo at the top of this page during a 2019 research trip to Bryce Canyon, Utah.

Thanks for visiting! We always welcome feedback and recommendations for what you’d like to see reviewed in a more evidence-based approach.