Image of a travel trailer prior to pre-launch checklist

Preflight Checklist

We call this our preflight checklist because our family uses this checklist to get our Lance travel trailer ready to leave our house or to leave a camping spot. We’ve developed this checklist over a couple years of traveling based on what we decided was the most efficient way to get ready to leave.

The checklist helps us to make sure we don’t overlook any critical tasks. The “Who” column reminds our sons who is primarily responsible for each task. Our best time ever to complete this checklist was 12 minutes, but it usually takes around 20 minutes from start to finish.

1GCheck TV/cabinet
2RGSlide in (One person outside)
3RWindows/vents closed
4GEmergency exit checked
5MDrawers locked/stow paper towels
6MTurn off water heater & pump
7DDisconnect water
8RDrain water from the toilet
9DDrain grey/black tanks
10RTurn lights & radio off
11MAwning in, power set to off
12RCarpet/stairs In
13MOven vent closed
14RLevels up
15GUnhook power
16RCheck fridge is running on propane
17GDoors locked/handles In
18DHook up weight distribution system
19RHook chains/8 pin connector
20RCheck all lights
21MCheck site for supplies
22RRemove wheel chocks
23GLock storage

We attached the checklist to a metal clipboard for ease of use while performing the steps.

Image of our Travel trailer Pre-flight checklist with a list of the steps needed to prepare to leave a site.
Our Preflight checklist on the clipboard.

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