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First Time Surfing? Here’s What We Learned

My brother and I started surfing this summer and we decided to document our experience for Trailnetizen. This is the first in a series of articles for novice surfers, sharing the lessons we’ve learned in our journey from total noobs to, well, beginners. ;> We took a few lessons with Sandbar Surf School in Pismo Beach so we could learn how to surf properly from … Continue reading First Time Surfing? Here’s What We Learned

Touchdown Checklist

We call this our touchdown checklist because our family uses this checklist to get our Lance travel trailer prepped for when we arrive at a campsite (or return back home). We’ve developed this checklist over a couple years of traveling based on what we decided was the most efficient way to get everything setup quickly. The checklist helps us to make sure we don’t overlook … Continue reading Touchdown Checklist

Image of travel trailer in an article showing average miles per gallon when towing a travel trailer.

What Kind of Mileage Can You Expect While Towing?

When purchasing a trailer or tow vehicle, or budgeting for a trip, it would be nice to know approximately what kind of mileage you might expect. However, this information is tough to find, probably because it varies so much from vehicle to vehicle, size of trailer, where you are driving, style of driving, and number of passengers. Using a couple data points, some rules on … Continue reading What Kind of Mileage Can You Expect While Towing?