Touchdown Checklist

We call this our touchdown checklist because our family uses this checklist to get our Lance travel trailer prepped for when we arrive at a campsite (or return back home). We’ve developed this checklist over a couple years of traveling based on what we decided was the most efficient way to get everything setup quickly.

The checklist helps us to make sure we don’t overlook any critical tasks. The “Who” column reminds our sons who is primarily responsible for each task. Our best time ever to complete this checklist was 7 minutes (dry camping), but it usually takes around 20 minutes from start to finish.

IDWhoChecklist Item
1RPut in wheel chocks
2GUnhook chains, 8-pin electrical
3DUnhook weight distribution system, Move car
4GLevel trailer
5RLevelers down BEFORE SLIDE-OUT
6MElectricity (Off,T,S,On)
7MCheck if the microwave is on
8DPut out awning (Or Not)
11GTest water
12MOpen oven vent
13RLay down carpet
14DGrey water
15DAdd toilet chemical (Or Not)
16DBattery kill switch (Or Not)
17DCheck gas
18RPut out chairs

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